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Three Spirits Brewery
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Our Story


M.D. turned Brewer — In Indianapolis, Indiana working as Emergency Medicine Physician my director advised that we all find a hobby to help us through the difficult days to come, preferably one we could do indoors during Midwestern winters. I had always wanted to learn home brewing and knew beer would be comforting during those stressful days. I loved it from the start. Making beer is like getting to be the mad scientist — being able to explore where my skills and imagination could take me.

Over time, I got better at it, and people told me I should sell my beer. Surprisingly, my wife was onboard with one catch — that I get some type of formal education. Her research suggested that the Siebel Institute of Technology would be the best choice. Learning the craft of beer-making from people who had spent years at the world’s largest breweries, along with the support and camaraderie of a menagerie of international students, proved to be one of the best experiences of my life. Three Spirits Brewery began to take shape.

The name Three Spirits stems from my love of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and my former career. Working swing shifts, weekends and holidays in Emergency Medicine while balancing family and personal life was lucrative but not healthy.

Like Scrooge, I did not see how important family is to lifelong happiness until a near end. An unexpected illness with lingering health concerns ultimately sealed the deal to turn down a new road.

Since Scrooge reminded me so much of my story, I adopted his image to represent my former life and new beginning. We’ve come to know him as my alter ego, Trevorton Brentwood.

After opening our doors in 2015 the taproom became everything I wanted; an environment worthy of the craft beer — a place that wasn’t too loud and wouldn’t make people feel too old to be there. I envisioned something similar to an upscale wine bar for beer lovers, but with coffee-shop coziness.The Three Spirits name and logo will be a constant reminder of our joyful pursuit to provide Charlotte with the best craft beer possible.


You’re invited to the taproom where you can join the adult craft beer scene in Charlotte — finding comfort in every pint.

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